Breast Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast augmentation surgeries, breast reduction surgeries, breast reconstruction surgeries, breast lifts are performed at Ojas Aesthetic by Cosmetic Surgeons with more than 20+ years of experience who believe in Ethical and Transparent Practice with Honest Approach. We take great pride in the way we practice our Profession. Please call us on : 9515106591 to find why we are the Right Choice of Thousands of People.


Breast Procedures are surgical procedures for increasing (or) decreasing the size of Breasts. Ojas Aesthetic specializes in Breast Reconstruction Surgery, especially for Breast Cancer Patients who have one or both breasts surgically removed. Dr V K Srinagesh has pioneered the technique of Autologous Fat Transfer for Breast Reconstruction. Breast Procedures are performed for Male Breast Reduction called Gynaecomastia Reduction, Nipple Correction, Breast lift etc. Breast Surgeries are also performed as a part of Post-maternity Mommy Makeover Procedures. Ojas aesthetic has performed hundreds of successful Breast Procedures.

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